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Financial Independence

At The Pioneer Fund, we provide a series of classes and a transformative seminar on the Value of Money, for both young and adult learners.  Our programs emphasize the power of money and action, encouraging students to start businesses, if they wish,  as a means to break free from debt and lack of opportunity. With the guidance of our inspiring instructors, we aim to change each student's perspective and equip them with the tools to transform their lives and futures.


Financial Security


Start a Successful Business


The Value of Money

Build the Business


Track your Progress



Pictures from our Money Management Classes

We love mentoring our students and hearing about the changes they are able to make. We offer regular follow up with additional seminars to help them stay inspired. Enjoy this slide show and comments from some of our recent classes.  
  • I have a small company and have learned how to better manage employees and be a real CEO.- M- business owner

  • There were a whole lot of things I was doing that were not helping my business including extending credit to others. I understand that I cannot give credit if I have no credit. I have changed my whole dynamic and in the last two weeks, I have seen my business turn more profitable. I have made more money and also I have been doing the books every week instead of at the end of every month so I am doing so much better. Rose- business owner

  • I have canceled Netflix and stopped spending time on social media. I use my time on things that will help my future.-S- university student

  • I am going to University but I bought 20 chickens to start selling eggs on the side.- J- university student

  • I used to go shopping every weekend but now I am saving money. So far I have saved 1000 rupees!- S

  • I work in a large American Conglomerate in India. Every part of the business class has helped me! From learning to value my time and money correctly to how to better communicate. The things I have learned have already helped me be more successful. I look forward to advanced classes and seminars. Himanshu- computer professional

  • This has changed my life! The communications class was so insightful. I no longer speak just to be heard in business. I listen more and this has really helped me in my career. – S – employee

  • I used to be an impulsive buyer and now I carefully consider each purchase. I realize I do not have to impress others.-D- employee

  • Before taking these classes I was in debt on my credit cards. It has been 3 months since I graduated from this class and I have paid all my debts and am saving over $200 a month. I carefully consider every purchase. This has changed the trajectory of my life.- C – Young education professional

  • A large financial planning firm in Los Angeles had David give the whole office a class and told them to take notes! They had never heard anyone talk about the value of money and retirement the same way before.

  • I used to go shopping and buy whatever I wanted not even thinking about it. Now I think before making every purchase.-S- the employee

  • I had plans to start a business but now that I have taken this class I know I need to save a bit more money. I have a clearer vision of what I need to do to be successful.- Lovely- employee

  • I now know how to secure my future.- L – student

  • I had just started a small business before taking this class. I learned how to better increase value by processing and selling to others. This is really helping my business.- Akash- university student

  • All the information was helpful in the class but the class on assets and liabilities really opened my mind. I also learned how to properly value my time. The business model was new and enlightening and the advice David gave on market research was great. The things I have learned have helped me in many aspects of my life.-Seth

  • The idea of not getting up to do one thing really impacted me. Now I try to have 3 things to do with every effort I make.- B- real estate agent

  • I never used to keep track of my money before. Now I think about 3 piles of cash and I am growing my savings for the first time. – B- Young Professional

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