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About Us


Mark & Deanna

Mark and Deanna, our founders and teachers, were driven to help young people in the region in the 1990s. Mark's connection to India and Pakistan through his mother's upbringing there sparked his desire to give back. Deanna's work with refugees, including Afghan and other immigrants, strengthened her commitment to supporting people in need globally. Believing that these young people could be their own children in a different circumstance, Mark and Deanna aim to empower them to be pioneers and create brighter futures for themselves. Mark is an attorney now developing renewable energy projects in his day job. Deanna has a Bachelor of Arts degree, many years of teaching experience and of working with charities.



Chandra is our director in India. He works for an International Education Company, is working on a degree and on the side helps us set up classes and seminars. He is a gifted interpreter and visionary as to what can be achieved with the right education and opportunities.


Lily Manning

Lily Manning, RN, BSN, FNP boasts a strong educational background from Brigham Young University and over 30 years of diverse clinical experience. With a career that encompasses Intensive Care for Newborns/Premature Babies, Pediatric Outpatient Surgery, Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialty Care, and Pediatric Primary Care including Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Exercise and Mental Health Counseling, Lily is a valuable resource for students. As a member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, she offers a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to those seeking to learn about healthcare.



Suneel is our on-the-ground representative in Pakistan. He worked his way through school, starting as a janitor at a university where his dedication and talent caught the attention of the staff. They helped him continue his education, and he went on to earn a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Computer Science. He now works at a university in the field. Fueled by his own experience of having to work so hard and receiving some support, Suneel is driven to help others. He aims to make the journey easier for those following in his footsteps. With a wealth of experience planning events throughout Pakistan and a strong network, Suneel is a valuable resource. He sets up classes and seminars and provides insightful advice on our initiatives.



David is a successful multi-industry businessman. He consults for many corporations in the United States and globally. He has over 40 years of unique business experience which he personally shares with each student. Whether in his series of classes or individual seminars, David’s unique teachings help each student achieve a more successful, secure, financial future. His most requested seminar is the Value of Money, which enlightens the way his students think about money forever and provides substantive tools for growth.

Other Teachers

We have guest teachers often. Stay tuned for more bios.  

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