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Pioneers Think and Act Differntly

Think Differently and a Different Future Unfolds


Photo taken at a Seminar at an outdoor venue in Lahore Pakistan


Pioneer Fund

We dream of a world where everyone can easily access high quality, effective education and have the tools and inspiration to overcome their challenges.  


In our inclusive and diverse classes and seminars, we help people see their potential and make the most of the opportunities around them. By giving them some tools, they can view their situations differently, think in new ways, and make positive changes. Those changes will bring about a brighter, hopeful future where each person can be healthy, successful and take care of themselves and their loved ones. In addition, their communities will be stronger and more resilient.    

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Classes & Seminars

Our Classes Offer Both Inspiration And Education

At The Pioneer Fund, we offer a range of virtual classes and seminars, including both core subjects and those requested by our students. Our programs aim to encourage a fresh perspective, boost health, motivation, and abilities. And the best part is, all our classes and seminars are offered completely free of charge.

Women's Health

Children’s Health

Leadership Training

Business Development

Mental Health Strategies

Family Heritage

Dental Health

Capacity Mindset

Computer Professions

Client Relations

Financial Strategies

Small Business Development

Personality Insight Seminar

Wise Social Media Usage 

The Kumar Family in India

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Mental Health Seminar

Mental health is the most requested health seminar. Instruction is given to explain and normalize mental health challenges that many confront.   Coping with anxiety and depression is also addressed. The instruction we provide is not a substitute for seeking assistance from competent mental health care providers.  We encourage students to overcome the shame sometimes associated with mental health challenges and to seek competent mental health care as needed.  

This photo was taken at a mental health seminar conducted at an orphanage.

Business and Financial Security Class 

   One of our life changing classes teaches money management and business development. We strive to erase poverty and debt, providing our students with the keys to securing their financial future.

   Classes encourage students to launch their own micro business, equip them with the skills to effectively manage an existing business, or be successful employees and stewards of their resources.

   Students attend virtual classes with additional reading and thought-provoking assignments. Our teachers offer some personal mentoring which helps the students apply the information.  We don’t offer specific business consulting, but we encourage students to apply a business mindset to their life problems and opportunities. The classes and homework are free, and we never charge students any fees. However, we require them to complete an education-themed service project, such as sharing the paradigm shifting ideas they have just learned with another.


Graduation and Certificates

Graduation ceremonies are a key part of our Financial Security classes.  Each student is encouraged to invite their family and friends to the graduation ceremony. During the ceremony, we review the "Value of Money" class. This review reinforces the most important lessons the students learned and introduces these ideas to their loved ones. It is hard to make changes alone, but if family members understand what the students have learned, it’s more likely that they too will think differently.  A beautiful certificate is a reminder of what they learned.

Who are our students?

Everyone ready to learn and grow can be a student.  We have had very young and older students


Our health seminar students include healthcare professionals, families, and individuals. We customize our seminars to meet the needs of each student.


Our business and financial security students may be looking to start a small business or are young graduates looking for opportunities in a tough job market. We provide our students with resources to run a small business with additional tools as their business grows. The classes can also help students become successful employees and managers, with a particular emphasis on communication. In both the business classes and the time-value-of-money seminars we strive to help students learn to look at their resources in a new way.

How We Spend Our Donations

Pioneer Fund is a volunteer-run organization. All US-based teachers provide their services at no cost.  While leadership and teachers of the organization are not compensated, providing classes takes some funds to, among other things, pay for venues, publishing, and supplies.  If you have any questions about our organization, how funds are used, or wish to donate, please reach out to us.

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